Unfortunately back again ….

modern-artistsMarch 2013  – a year on from my last entry . I stood at the tram stop No 8 in Rome, a city, in which I had lived for 20 years of my life, to take me back down to Trastevere. I was numb and certainly shocked at the words I had just heard in Pronto Soccorso ( A&E)  of San Camillo: “ e quasi sicuramente cancro della tonsille”  simply translated into : its almost surely cancer of the tonsil/throat. They told me to return Monday morning for an urgent biopsy and to plan radiotherapy.

A few tears of panic slid down my face as I tried to decipher the events of the last hour. How can that be? I had been given an ‘all clear’  on 29th January .. The CT scan was negative; no sign of cancer anywhere in the body. Now it seemed, I was facing an advanced cancer of the right tonsil, extending into the base of my tongue.

I still didn’t want to believe it and kept telling myself, that it was the worst case scenario and holding onto a vain hope that it was a mistake. But in my heart, i knew as I made made my way home to my friends house for dinner.

That night the cancer permeated my every thought…. As I struggled to open my mouth and swallow anything during the family meal , I began to think and realise that the diagnosis could be right. In fact, deep down …… I knew it.

My friends kindly offered to look after me in Rome but after much deliberation, I decided I would fly back to London the following morning for futher investigations.



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4 thoughts on “Unfortunately back again ….

  1. Praying for you every day. You are a princess warrior in Gods army he has made you for hard and tough situations like these. Cancer will not have the victory. You will in him who remains victorious always. God bless you may his face shine upon you and may his favour dwell in you. Love you loads. Xxxxxxx

  2. I just found your blog on out site (our beautiful friend Jody shared it with us) and wanted to tell you that I’m so sorry you are going through so much. It looks like you need to saddle up a new battle ahead of you. Stand proud and be strong, as we mother and women are when we are facing overwhelming challenges. Stay in touch with us if you want. Sister’s love and support can go a long way.. I’m sending angels and prayers your way for support facing your new battle.
    Lots of love,

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